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English-language ski and snowboard instruction:
Myoko Snowsports
Yodel Ski School
Dancing Snow (backcountry)

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Stay in comfort
The Hotel Alp is more than just conveniently located: it’s one of the youngest hotels in the area, with attractive, spacious rooms and a sparkling, modern interior. You’ll feel right at home, whether you’re here for a weekend, or for an extended stay.

Most of our rooms are Western style; many guests, however, have enjoyed the chance to stay in a tatami-mat Japanese room. Sleep on futons, have a relaxing cup of green tea and enjoy the subtle fragrance of the tatami—also a great (and spacious) choice for family groups of up to four.

And if you want a little more room, and the chance to enjoy the best of both Western and Japanese, we do have a very affordably-priced junior suite room. Please reserve early, as the room is very popular!

If you have any further questions or special needs or requests, just fill in our reservation/information form, or email us at info_e@alp-myoko.com. We look forward to serving you at Hotel Alp!
Western room
Standard Western room
Japanese room
Experience a Japanese room! Great for families
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